International Survey of Qualitative Testing Practice for Business and Establishment Surveys


Welcome to the International Survey of Qualitative Testing Practice for Business and Establishment Surveys

Thank you for participating in our survey of statistical institutes and agencies.


This survey examines how statistical organizations are using and integrating qualitative methods into their testing for establishment or business surveys. Our goal is to understand the variations in qualitative methods regularly used for question and questionnaire evaluation in business surveys.
As someone in the field that is involved in development and testing of business surveys, we need your help to understand the use of qualitative methods in your statistical organization and to ensure that this study is useful for practitioners. Qualitative research covers interviews, focus groups, observations, record keeping, and or usability studies in the development of new and/or existing business or establishment survey questions and questionnaires. Please consider qualitative testing over the past 5 years, 2011-2016.  
This study is conducted in collaboration with members of statistical institutes and universities. Your participation is voluntary. Your information will remain confidential and will be reported as summaries. Only with your generous help can we know the current international state of community practice for business establishment surveys.
If you are not involved with design and testing of business surveys for your organization or you feel someone else in your organization should do the survey, please forward the survey email. The access code will go to the survey login page and there will be an opportunity to register for the survey. This registration is important to logging organization’s respondents and contacting respondents if we have further questions.


Jacqui Jones, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Deirdre Giesen, Statistics Netherlands
Mojca Bavdaž, University of Ljubljana
Paul Smith, University of Southhampton, UK
Danna L. Moore, Washington State University

If you have any questions about your participation as a respondent  or registering information for the study please contact Danna L. Moore at 1-800-833-0867 or email


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