We invite you to join the Washington State Twin Registry!

The Washington State Twin Registry is a database of twins who are interested in participating in health and behavior-related research. Periodically, Twin Registry members are invited to participate in new studies developed by prominent scientists around the world. Some of our studies involve in-person visits or telephone interviews, while others are conducted entirely through the mail. This diversity in study design allows us to include twins no matter where they live.

Twin studies are the ideal way for scientists to figure out the relative contribution of heredity (genes) and environment to certain health conditions. Studies that examine differences across both fraternal and identical twin pairs can enhance our understainding of how we stay healthy and why we get sick. For decades, twin research has helped uncover clues to the origins of many diseases.

Thank you for your help!

Dr. Glen Duncan

Washington State Twin Registry
Washington State University
Ally Avery

Scientific Operations Manager
Washington State Twin Registry
Washington State University

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